​​​Our Approach 

Create the Conditions 
for Success 
We create a comprehensive and easily understood Basis of Estimate (cost and time), and a Project Execution Plan that clearly identifies tasks, goals, a ‘roadmap’ for getting there, and responsibility assignments.

Manage Conflict and 

Optimize Goals 
Stakeholders often have different and conflicting incentives. Contractors have an incentive to build quickly. Architects have an incentive to issue drawings that are without error and with no risk for field ‘rework’, taking more time. Conflicts like this must be optimized by management through ‘business rules’ that best support project goals.

Establish and incorporate measurable success metrics

into Execution Plans, then compare results against plan and effort. This methodology permits analysis of performance, not just status - and enables early warning of performance issues in time to be acted upon. 

Offer Alternatives and Recommendations 
We don’t just tell you ‘what’ is happening, we tell you ‘what it means’, ‘why it’s happening’, and ‘what should be done’. We perform ‘What if’ and Alternative Strategies analyses - and recommend appropriate solutions or improvements.

Implement Communications and Feedback systems 
Our reporting processes get the right information to the right people at the right time. Information - not just data!

Create appropriate Expectations 
By basing the Execution Plan and Budget upon realistic capabilities and proven strategies. 

Manage Expectations  
Through rigorous enforcement of performance and contractual requirements, Change Management protocols manage expectations and defend against Scope ‘creep’, ensuring that the Project is delivered in accordance with established quality and functionality standards.

Deliver Expectations 
By monitoring performance, demanding compliance with plan, and working proactively to mitigate or overcome difficulties met along the way, we see that promises are kept. 


‘Win-Win’ is essential for all stakeholders - The Management process must respect and support the diversity of business ‘drivers’ and recognize that Individual success is not mutually exclusive of Project success. Project Management must create and enforce a non-adversarial environment in which the business needs of all stakeholders are respected while aligned with and integrated into the Project’s success factors.

Success begins Early - By Creating the Conditions for Success, we begin our projects with the right resources and processes that ensure success. Prevent problems rather than solve them!

You have to Measure it in order to Manage it - We believe projects must have measurable success metrics that are then compared with accomplishments and effort to indicate performance.

It’s more important to know where you’re headed than where you’ve been - We advocate and support Earned Value methodologies to enable ‘early warning’ and trend analysis based upon performance.

Thinking beyond the ‘Project’ - There is a difference between a successful project execution and a successful project. Organizations initiate projects based upon long-term benefits. Decisions regarding scope, quality, Value Management, etc., will have impacts upon long-term operating parameters as well as life-cycle benefits derived from the project, and must be considered holistically.




Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, Public Utilities, and large Municipalities. We provide services within many industry sectors including the Pharmaceutical, Energy, Transportation, and High Technology groups. Our Corporate headquarters is located in Centerbrook, Connecticut, with Regional Offices in Phoenix, Arizona and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. 

Services Include   
•  Program Management 
•  Project Management 
•  Project Controls 
•  Risk Management 
•  Value Management 
•  Dispute Resolution 
•  Project Auditing 
•  Business Process & Workflow Optimization 
•  Resource Management & Optimization 

Our Focus 

Through experience, we recognize that projects seldom fail for Technical reasons - rather they fail because of a lack of Coordination, Control, or Communication among stakeholders and participants. 

Our approach and focus is to provide the processes that deliver these outcomes by deploying and utilizing the appropriate allocation of Talent, Techniques and Technology.  

Saybrook Associates is a Project Management/Controls organization offering Program Management and Project Controls solutions to owners of, and investors in, project initiatives. Since 1991, we have combined the elements of Talent, Techniques, and Technology, to deliver the necessary functions of Coordination, Control, and Communication that enable projects to complete sooner, at less cost, and with greater stakeholder satisfaction.