McDAY is a women owned and operated strategic marketing communications firm located in Center City, Philadelphia. The McDAY staff is a group of seasoned professionals, experienced in providing marketing communications services to clients in a wide range of businesses and industries.

Susan Stipa, President

Susan has twenty years in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, financial services, and healthcare related businesses. Most recently as Commercial Director for Foster Wheeler Biokinetics, she returns to McDAY (after a decade at sister company McLaughlin & Morgan in the 1990s), bringing full circle a life sciences career that began at Hoffmann La Roche, where she ran the bulk powders step of the largest Vitamin C plant in the world at that time. Susan’s B.S. chemical engineering background, coupled with right brain creativity and determined focus on client revenue generation, fuels many a client’s success.

Philadelphia, PA is our inspiration and our home office. But in client offices around the world, it is our senior execs, coming to us from global roles with Fortune 1000 companies, who lead client strategy, with a personal commitment and understanding of the challenges.

Clients describe us as a

technical ad agency.

When the products and solutions are as complex as those found in pharmaceutical and biotech, or oil/gas and chemical manufacturing, or the multi-layered world of finance, or the newest high tech solutions, clients want to work with a marketing team with a lot of brains, who have literally lived in their world and thus, deeply understand their business.


With over 25 years of award-winning campaigns, McDay knows how to create attention. 

Our expert team mixes marketing strategy with creative talent to generate measurable results for our clients. 

From public relations and blog development, to web design, email campaigning, and creating a social media buzz, McDay will help you find your way to the spotlight.

Content Is Critical 

McDay’s most coveted service, according to our clients, is the way we provide content for clients. Content requirements have definitely been rising exponentially these last few years. Through article placement, blogs, e-newsletters and websites, presentation preparation and copywriting for ads, brochures, McDay helps clients follow through on marketing promises. 

While a lot of agencies expect the content generation to come from the client, we have found that this is usually the stumbling point-great projects are envisioned and then the copy/content prep falls short, leaving website events and news sections bare, authors unpublished and generating a bit of with marketing, who is then perceived as providing “flash and bang” but not following through on content. 

McDay has great writers and a strict policy of delivering content on time, and on-point.


At McDAY, you’ll find graphic artists, writers and web designers working alongside chemical engineers, mathematicians, biologists, and technologists - to brainstorm and create, for you.