How It Works 
IDEA2.0 service is offered at no cost and our fee is only paid out of the savings we identify - we absorb all costs to review the design and offer our feedback in weeks. This confidence is based on experience that has revealed that concept designs nearly always yield potential for significant savings.

Brilliant and Outrageous. 
We recognize that IDEA 2.0 is both a brilliant and an outrageous idea. Brilliant! - Because to implement the design changes found during an IDEA 2.0 review, prior to beginning detailed design, can save a corporation significantly over the life of a project, in both capital, operating and ultimately, cost of goods. And, if we have no recommendations (which happens!), you owe us nothing. Outrageous - because we completely recognize that our approach does not fit the procurement paradigm of Master Service Agreements and long contracts required by most pharmaceutical firms. However, this strategy is purposeful - Our goal is to get the industry back to a state where conversation and challenge at the earliest stages of a project are recognized as worthwhile endeavors. 

Our name is our pledge:
Our IDEAS could transform your next project. 

IDEA2.0 is a design review service that can often significantly reduce the total project cost for new and retrofit capital projects, by conducting an in-depth peer review of the proposed design at the end of the concept stage. 


Longer and Larger Projects

Should Not be the Goal
BioPharma operating companies have project management, engineering, or realization departments that direct the design and execution of manufacturing capital projects. If budgets and schedules are not exceeded, projects are generally considered successful. 

Less effort is spent on identifying opportunities for alternative, effective designs which could start a project from a more effective (often less costly) starting gate. 

Engineering companies in the BioPharma manufacturing space are large, multi-discipline organizations that prosper by billings of thousands of hours. 

Once again, the larger and longer the project, the better. Moving the project out of the concept phase, in which a small number of highly paid experts are engaged, to the detailed design phase, employs an army of engineers and designers, crucial to an engineering firms’ profitability. 

The peer review process, often a natural part of a project’s process in other industries, is greatly overdue in the BioPharma industry.

​​​How IDEA2.0 Achieves These Benefits 

Project Costs and Design Optimization will be achieved through:

Review of the design at the end of Concept Design

Regulatory, compliance and corporate policies embedded into our process

Requires your team’s cooperation and open access to documentation 

Full detailed report delivered in a face-to-face meeting

Design errors greatly reduced

IDEA2.0 will Deliver a Significant ROI by: 

Optimizing cleanroom layout and space and offering opinions on engineering firm design

Fast review cycle by IDEA2.0 means design changes can be incorporated before detailed design

Potential schedule reduction 

opportunities noted

Full visibility to our thought process