The Brydges Group specializes in connecting talented individuals with unique opportunities within the life sciences industry. We provide recruiting services for professionals for direct-hire by our clients as well as profesional personnel for contract services through our partner, Saybrook Associates. [read more]


About Us


The Brydges Group was founded with a personal Mission of helping good people increase their value and to bring proven products and services from other industries and areas into the Biopharmaceutical industry, to enhance the efficiency of that industry and to provide consumers with a higher quality, lower cost product. [read more]


Welcome to the Brydges Group. 

Making strategic connections within the Life Sciences and related industries for the betterment of the industry and its people.

Bill Brydges has taken on another role as

Board Advisor for his new Partner, Century 3.

Century 3 helps fulfill the mission of the Brydges Group to provide consumers with higher quality, lower cost products with proven products and services. Century 3 fits perfectly with the Brydges Group with it’s unwavering mission to...  [read more]



Our business model is based on knowledge, cultural fit, and passion for success. Founder, Bill Brydges, brings over 25 years of proven and credible success in sales, marketing, business development, professionals services, and corporate leadership spanning a wide range of industries in both large and small companies. [read more]


IDEA2.0 is a design review service that can often significantly reduce the total project cost for new and retrofit capital projects, by conducting an in-depth peer review of the proposed design at the end of the concept stage. 

How It Works 
IDEA2.0 service is offered at no cost and our fee is only paid out of the savings we identify - we absorb all costs to review the design and offer our feedback in weeks. This confidence is based on experience that has revealed that concept designs nearly always yield potential for significant savings.

Brilliant and Outrageous. 
We recognize that IDEA 2.0 is both a brilliant and an outrageous idea. 

Brilliant! - Because... to implement the design changes found during an IDEA 2.0 review, prior to beginning detailed design, can save a corporation significantly over the life of a project, in both capital, operating and ultimately, cost of goods. And, if we have no recommendations (which happens!), you owe us nothing. Outrageous! - Because we completely recognize that our approach does not fit the procurement paradigm of Master Service Agreements and long contracts required by most pharmaceutical firms. However, this strategy is purposeful - Our goal is to get the industry back to a state where conversation and challenge at the earliest stages of a project are recognized as worthwhile endeavors. 

Our name is our pledge: 
Our IDEAS could transform your next project.